Here are a few things we are asked.

Q: How is Dō Sauce pronounced? 

A: Like Doe or dough. We really aren't too concerned if you call it Do Sauce or "Doe" Sauce. We just hope you try it, like it and decide to buy it and "spread the sauce."

Q: Where did the name come from?

A: It was name after Alan's friend Doreen who went by the nickname Dō (pronounced Doe).

Q: Does it need to be refrigerated after opening? 

A: Not really if used readily. Like any food product once opened refrigeration helps maintain the product's flavor and extends its useful life. If you do refrigerate Dō Sauce (spicy garlic), the olive oil will congeal and it will need to warm up before using. A few short spurts (about 10 seconds) on medium in a microwave oven with the lid off and shaking between heating is the fastest way to get Dō Sauce into use.
Be careful as the bottle may be hot!

Q: What are the ingredients of Dō Sauce?

A: Here is the nutrition and ingredient panel from the bottle. This applies to both the 5 oz. and 12 oz. bottles.