Currently, Dō Sauce, the original Spicy Garlic Sauce is sold out.

The family of Dō Sauces are unique and versatile table sauces. Try all three flavors, Dō Sauce – Spicy Garlic, RobusDō – Smoky Chipotle pepper sauce and Dō Racha – Tangy and Sweet chili pepper sauce. They all make life simpler for time-pressed individuals and families. Quickly and easily use any of these condiments before, during or after meal preparation to add bold and special flavor.

Dō Sauce (the original that started it all) is the super versatile spicy garlic sauce! Some folks call it a hot sauce. We think it's just darn good! It has a hearty umami flavor and is mildly spicy (4-5 on a scale of 10). It's the perfect way to say "Goodbye to Bland” and experience something really different.

Just shake on to a side dish or during stove top cooking is a quick way to add flavor and moisture to the dish. Or use it as a marinade before cooking.

The seed for Dō Sauce (the original) was "planted" in 1997. A few years later, 2001, it made its debut as a way to quickly add some flavor and moisture to white rice. It gained a following among family and friends since then. Finally it was taken to market in 2016.

Dó Sauce is produced in Denver Colorado in small batches.

Thank you for your interest.


Dō Sauce is a dba of ARW Enterprises, LLC, a purveyor of unique and creative entrepreneurial products. Thus you see the amazing and artistic cannabis themed t-shirts.