T-shirts with artistic leaf prints

Cannabis themed t-shirts - Free Shipping

Cannabis themed t-shirts - Free Shipping

Make it 4/20 day everyday with this unique, one-of-a-kind, all-over printed cannabis themed t-shirts!

These are 100% preshrunk, ring-spun cotton (Gildan G640/64000) t-shirts. They are printed with translucent inks to provide an amazing, no-feel print giving it a beautiful tone-on-tone look. The print is all-over including the sides.

No two shirts print exactly alike for individuality. Neither the position of artwork elements or even ink density is exactly the same from shirt to shirt.

Two colors and designs are available.

  • 1) Green t-shirt: a green print on a light green (“Kiwi” green) shirt featuring a mix of cannabis leaves

  • 2) Black t-shirt: a white print on black shirts (yes looks gray & black, tone-on-tone) with a collage of ring and leaf images.

 Sizes available: Small – 3XL

Pricing includes FREE Shipping (domestic USA, 1st Class from Denver, Colorado) + applicable sales tax.

S – XL: $34.00 each

2XL: $37.00 each

3XL: $39.00 each


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